Kevin McNulty
Hey Everyone!

Welcome!  It's been a
while since I updated the
website.   Ethiopia has
terribly  poor
connectivity...... so...... it's
been impossible to
update until I got back to
the States.  With a little
time to spend the
holidays back home, the
site has exciting new

What's New?  This time I
updated the site quite a
bit.  Beyond additional
pages from the last year
in Ethiopia, have pictures
from a trips I took to
Zanzibar, Angkor Wat
and  Bhutan.  I've also
scavenged through some
old storage and scanned
in photos from the three
years I lived in Senegal
as well as the 18 months I
lived in Guinea.   I hope
you like the new photos.

On a personal aside, I'm
still working with IRC in
Ethiopia.  I've been there
two years and helped ring
in the new Millennium (by
the Ethiopian calendar at
least).  Other than my
travel and work not much
else has changed.  

I wish you all a safe and
healthy 2008.

All the best

Market Woman, Koidu, Sierra Leone.
Mother and Daughter, Pujehun, Sierra Leone.
   Dancing in the rain, Pujehun, Sierra Leone.

Old man, Mile 91, Sierra Leone.
Bio:: Kevin Bair McNulty
Greenwich, Connecticut
Greenwich High School
Penn State
- BA Int'l Politics
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg          
School of Public Health -      
                Masters in Health
Additional Information
Jesuit Volunteer Corps:NW
Anchorage, Alaska
Peace Corps
Wassadou & Kolda, Senegal
Crisis Corps
Gueckedou, Guinea
Occupational Experience:
IRC - Guinea
Gender-Based Violence Manager
IRC - Sierra Leone
Gender Based Violence Manager
Collecting Coconuts, Jaiama, Sierra Leone.
Sitting by the door, Baiama, Sierra Leone.
Vaccination tourne
Vaccination tourne
Palm Sunday -Lalibella, Ethiopia.
                              Harvesting rape seeds, Ethiopia

          Two women - Sherkole Refugee camp Ethiopia.
                                       Elderly Tigray woman - Ethiopia
Kunama Mother -Shimelba Refugee Camp, Ethiopia
Sudanese Refugee